Day 18: 10 Things Karaoke Singers Do

After spending a night out with my boyfriend at Daverthumps in Lynnwood, Wa, I have compiled a short list of things that virtually ALL Karaoke singers do… Please feel free to add any that you can think of!!

1.) Sing Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. I don’t believe that there has been a single session of Karaoke in which I have been in attendance that did not include this song…Sometimes twice…

2.) Let out unnecessary vocal OH’s during Musical breaks… Come on people.. they’re there for a reason…

3.) The awkward musical break shuffle….It’s a combination of one-handed arm swings and back and forth foot shuffling that accompanies any time the singer doesn’t have the excuse of looking at the screen.

4.) Picks a song that they can’t actually sing. This includes singing too high, too low, or singing notes only dogs can hear.

5.) Begs their friends to join them on the stage…which either a. Results in a gaggle of people singing off-key and often times to a song which doesn’t always match the words on the screen…or B. Results in them.. alone… singing with the microphone two feet away so no one in the audience is privy to their breathy mistakes. (Thank you for this by the way)

6.) Mumble “A Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash until the line…”MY NAME IS SUE! HOW DO YOU DO? Now your going to die!” Which they yell out to the crowd while simultaneously smiling at their friends like they have just invented the new pop tart, and doing some combination of fist pumping or chest puffing.

7.) Is actually good, and spends half the song telling the crowd how bad she’s doing instead of just singing…Yes I mean she…Guys don’t do this.

8.) Thinks they are good, and sings into the microphone like it isn’t turned on…They aren’t and it is….

9.) Stops halfway through and walks off embarrassed because they know everyone is staring at them…Little do they know… not a single person noticed them until their little stunt…Good job!

10.) Decides to get hammered before they sing because they just KNOW they sound better when drunk…Don’t they? DON’T THEY??!?!?!?

Cheers! Merry Xmas Eve, and happy singing to ya!


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