Day 17: Short Hair and Bravery

We who have or once had long hair know the struggles. The comb that fights at every turn, the drains that refuse to strain anything until you get out your tweezers and on hands and knees remove the large masses of what now appear to be baseball sized beasts curled and ribboned inside your pipes, and the disgusted faces of those who watch you pull out handful after handful of strands from your hair brush….And these are only a few of the many hassles of caring for long hair. That is not to say that there are not also wonderful things about lovely lustrous locks. I didn’t experience any of this because I had the habit of putting my hair up in a pony tail and calling it “style”. I actually remember a friend of mine saying two years ago that my hair was “stuck in the 80’s” because I was still sporting the loose bun you get when you pull half of your pony through a hair tie and leave the rest tucked in. (hurtful….so hurtful)

As a newly living and loving short hair owner I have to say that I feel braver…I will explain.

1. When I had long hair, I never cut more then a couple of inches off at any given time. I think that this is a semi-normal occurrence for long-haired ladies because long hair has to remain long in order to hold the title…

2. I was never much for flair or shiny objects… My hair always looked slightly strange with feathers or frills…

I have now gotten three short hair cuts… One which I liked…One which I abhorred (here begins my love of frills)…and the newest which I adore. The second hair cut was done by someone other than my normal hairdresser.. A mistake I will never make again. This cut was so short…I was forced to start wearing flowery hair clips in order to “show people I was a girl” as I so lovingly put it.

Thus began my love of frills. I now enjoy sparkly bows, bright uncommonly colored feathers, and pretty much any outrageous and crazy hair accessories.  I firmly believe that my newer length has given me new courage. Last time I went to get my hair cut (after the man mullet turned into a boxy girl mullet)…I made sure I went to my trusted hair dresser Angela…And I told her to do whatever she wanted. Whatever she wanted?! yea… crazy I know. I was scared… Don’t get me wrong, But I was now a short-haired girl. Brave and more outgoing. I mean.. after the last hair cut.. could it get any worse?  I’m pleased to announce that my new hair cut is fantastic…and I now bravely sport hair bling with ease.



Thank you short hair…You have given me the heart of a lion….Maybe a very flashy lion.. But a brave beast none the less!



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5 responses to “Day 17: Short Hair and Bravery

  1. Wow, you did go short! I went from lower waist to about the second picture short in one cut. The hair dressers were like “But… why!?” and I said “cause I’d like my showers to take less than 45 minutes….”

    anyway, cute hair bling!

    • Good answer…and precisely what I told mine when I did the same thing:P sometimes… its just easier..And I actually do stuff with it when it’s short because my overly curly fro forces me too:)

  2. Love the little bow, my hair won’t hold anything at all. I can shake my head and even a ponytail will come out. I used to have long hair too, and cut it all off last year. It’s very liberating, isn’t it? Feels kind of sassy. 🙂

  3. It is so CUTE and your eyes look EVEN more amazing!! So LOVE it!!

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