Day 16: Dreams

Have you ever had a dream so strange that you questioned your grasp on reality in the morning? A dream that pushes past strange into the realm of clinically insane? I have those dreams, and I think…wow.. What a strange imagination I have. Last night’s was pretty normal….Strangely enough.

One of my more obscure fears is the loss of my teeth, and my nightmares often include the loss of most of my prominent ones. I always retain a few…for show of course….Gross. They are never rotten, or falling out from natural causes.. It’s always this strange increase of brittleness that causes them to shatter or an increase in rows which likens them to shark teeth.

Last night I dreamt that my shark teeth were falling out unnecessarily, coupled with the unfortunate fact that I was being served papers for having an abhorrent and boring blog. Yes… Someone was literally suing me for my crap grammar, and improper use of commas…Don’t you think I know I use them too often? I’m not a moron…

So there you have it…She was not upset that my teeth were incredible disgusting, or that I was wearing brown shoes with a black sweatshirt…She was tired of reading my blog..And my dream self thought, Fine… Don’t read it. I refuse to be more entertaining for a moderately illiterate hag such as you. (she had some difficulty forming a properly written sentence when she was bashing my written skills…What a hypocrite…) ha ha, Ah the strange webs we weave.

Question(s): What are some interesting dreams that you have had lately? Do you ever wake up after one of those tooth loss dreams and frantically grab at your jaw?..(Yea, I was that scared..)


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