Day 15: Writing…and Writers Block

I suppose my love of the written word started at a very young age, and evolved as the years went on. I was never big on writing out stories, due to my lack of abilities in ending them, but I used to read everything I could get my hands on (minus non-fiction… or grown up books as i called them) and tell my grandma elaborate bed time stories as a young girl. She used to tell me I would make a wonderful writer, because I was such a creative story teller….My stories revolved around strange members of a royal family, purple elephants, and only stories those on shrooms would enjoy… Not saying my Grandma did shrooms.. If she was doing drugs she would definitely be on something much more cultured and adult.. like cocaine…

I have always been a moderately fast reader, which can be expensive, as well as cause many sleepless nights. I was always at the brink of finishing a book at 1130 pm…and whats a few more hours when your already on a roll. Other parents worried about their kids sneaking out…mine came down every hour or so after bedtime to tell me to turn the lights out….Yup.. now you know. I am a huge dork…and I loved every minute of it. Adventure, fantasy, oooey gooey romances…(yea… I go in and out of that “phase”) I devoured each page like the cookie monster… gobbling them up with a shit eating grin on my face, never concerned by tiny annoying things like quantity, or proper dietary nutrition. ( try to follow the metaphor… sorry)

The first time I decided to write down one of my own stories, it ended badly. I became impatient and swiftly cut the plot before fruition. Another common downfall of my writing attempts was distraction…I’d look at something shiny and just never finished. What a waste of a perfectly good epic zombie novel…I could have been famous.

I recently read somewhere that if there is a story you wish to read, which has not been written..You are duty bound to write it yourself….So duty here I come!

I have had a bout of writers block…Which I did not handle well.. Months have passed since I worked on my novels…So many in fact, that I now no longer know where I am going with said novel. Here are a few ways in which I was told one could deal with writer’s block.


1. Write! Write continuously for 20 min to an hour. Don’t stop, or worry about what you are writing.. Just let it out. This is said to get out a lot of your bad ideas and sort of weed out the garbage. I should have done this.. Instead i gave in to the massive choking fog which is my writers block….and quit entirely.

2. Write with your opposite hand. If you are right-handed, write with your left, and likewise the opposite if you are left-handed.

3. Do something else…Procrastination has a place… Just don’t let it set up a hot dog stand and serve only mustard like I did.

4. Find someone to talk to…Go out and explain your ideas to someone who you feel will have valuable feed back. It’s always good to bounce stuff off someone you trust.

5. Skip ahead.. If one part of your project is holding you up….go on to another section.

6. Work on more then one project at a time. This could help with boredom…Keep the spice in your relationship…

7. Have a writing schedule and keep it. Even if it’s only 500 words a day. Make a commitment to sit down at that time and do it every day.

Well, those are just a few of the ideas that I found…I’ve decided to try out 7 and 1…I’ve been on 3 for so long It’s almost as if it is no longer a number… But, I suppose I can’t be too hard on my self…(#8)….like how I slipped that in there?

Happy Holidays…Happy Writing!

Breezy Vee


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