Day 13: 3 ways to People Watch

People watching has got to be one of the oldest forms of human entertainment. What’s not to love about staring at other people? There are many different ways to People watch, each one unique and interesting, and there are many different places that you can partake of this most diabolical of delights.

1. The first form of people watching is called “Married”. You must have one other person walking with you, and then find the most unattractive person you can and proclaim “That guy/girl” to whoever is walking with you. Thus making them theoretically married to whoever you choose. This goes back and forth, with one person picking the other’s mate, and then reversed until you both get bored. It can be interesting and funny, but is not necessarily the kindest way to people watch.

2.The second form of people watching is the “Guess their life” type. It’s where you see someone and guess what they do based on their looks, clothing, or actions. This form allows you to be incredibly creative and can often lead to really hilarious descriptions of people.

ex: She is a spy, but secretly has an entire collection of cookie jars and is obsessed with unicorns. She works out in only flannel (in order to get her sweat on) and likes to floss with over chewed bubble gum.

3. The third type of people watching, which my friend introduced me to at a state fair, includes choosing two strange attributes of two separate people and pointing them out to a friend. It is then their job to mentally imagine what an offspring of those two people would look like.

For example: Boots Ma-goo and Mustache Mackey. (It’s normal to use strange nicknames in an attempt to make it more humorous.)

Malls, fairs, grocery stores, and even the local dentist’s office are all perfectly acceptable areas to people watch.

Question: How do you feel about people watching and when was the last time you did it?


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