Day 12: Toot your Own Horn

Some people would say that self congratulations are self-serving and immodest, but I say why the hell not? There shouldn’t be an issue with knowing you’ve done a good job, and being proud of it…It’s either that or explaining your awesomeness repeatedly to multiple people in the hopes that at least one will give you the old, “Hey! That’s great, congratulations!”

I am often the person who hears of others greatness…A list of their skills, good quality traits, and/or successful ventures which I often follow-up with “Wow…And your sooo modest…” With a heavy side of sarcasm…So where does that leave us?…Those who know what its like to put our selves out there, or the other half of us who shoot down the brave few? Self promotion, awkward one-handed back pats given by us to us, and the occasional mirror pep talk which either culminates around “wow your so great’s” or “Who would have thought’s”.

Some things which I believe are acceptable celebratory situations:

  • Clean the house…before someone tells you too.
  • Make a goal and obtain it
  • Make a goal and work at it
  • Get three compliments in one day
  • Chop off your hair…and don’t end up with a mullet, or the bowl cut.
  • Drink a large amount of liquid …or a normal amount…and make it two whole hours without having to rush to the bathroom…ahh the gerbil bladder.
  • Make it through the year without any major accidents including but not limited to car crashes, major buyers remorse, and unfortunate bathroom mishaps.
  • Be told an unwanted secret…and keep it
  • Start a blog…wait three months and then write on it continuously for 12 days!


So here I am..12 days in! Congratulations Brittney your freaking awesome! *insert awkward self back pat here*

What are some things you congratulate yourself for?



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2 responses to “Day 12: Toot your Own Horn

  1. Hooray! I agree with you on the gerbil bladder >.> Congrats on writing!

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