Day 11: House Shopping

I am slightly obsessed with house shopping, and have been for many years now. I purchased my first home, a duplex in Homer, Alaska, two summers ago and have enjoyed every venture, from the crooked window trim to the dripping red paint. It was not the first nor will it be the last time that I have immersed myself in the grind of home window shopping. Today, Allen and I spent about two hours driving and walking around Vancouver, WA looking at homes with for sale signs in front of them, and it reminded me of the do’s and don’ts of invasive house spying.



-look for any cars in the area around the house

-Discuss in detail what you will change when each specific house becomes yours… going so far as to degrade, berate and/ or commend their choice in christmas decorations.

-Explore as much as you feel comfortable, including but not limited to eyeing the interior through the windows, jiggling the door handles in the hopes that someone forgot to lock it, and gently shooing away stray animals that seem to be marring the beauty of your future home.

-Exercise the empowerment that seeing a for-sale sign gives you…they are selling this home, and even when just looking…You are a potential home-buyer.

-Make your boyfriend smile by discussing all the cool things he could do in the shop attached to the side of that cute blue 3 bedroom you secretly fell in love with.

-Enjoy yourself, and allow your imagination to run wild!



-Look through the windows when someone is home… very creepy.

-Forget that all homes are not for sale and walk into someone’s driveway to get a better look at their two car garage…..which they are working on…awkward.

-Discuss in detail what you will change about their home, berate their christmas decorations, and then realize they’re trimming a bush 5 feet away.

-Explore inside even though the doors were locked before you got there…(I don’t have any sort of lock picking abilities… I just thought it was a good thing to add)

-Make your boyfriend sweat by discussing all the rooms which could be filled with little baby cribs in preparation for a small brood…

-Get lost and lose your way to the car, forcing you to walk around aimlessly trying to quell the panic slowly bubbling up inside you.

-Get too attached…realistically by the time you get your butt in gear and get the ball rolling, all the houses you looked at will have already been sold. This is not something to be mourned however…it just means there are hundreds of new houses waiting for your professional home-purchasing eye.


So, go out and spy.. this is truly the best part of buying a home… Once you decide and start the paperwork, its really just lots of work, and a lot of “Sorry…Someone outbid you’s”…at least until the key is in your hand and you walk in only to realize that the paint color reminds you of vomit, and the carpets smell like they’ve been used for a litter box.


Welcome home!…A new adventure starts here!



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2 responses to “Day 11: House Shopping

  1. Lol. Great post… I’ll keep this in mind in the eventuality that I (finally) go home shopping.

    • Thank you! And good luck to you on the home buying front…:) its a blast! I was curious..I’ve been reading your blog…congratz on the books btw..and was wondering if you could go a bit more in detail about your you outline your whole story? Did you create a world and then make characters and stories to follow? What are your secrets…I’m struggling to find meaning in a rough draft I’m working on..and I think its because the plot has no real end….lol any tips would be greatly appreciated:)

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