Day 9: Desk Worthy

I haven’t been thinking about my blog post today, as I’ve been so busy getting packed for my vacation to Seattle, seeing my family and friends, and getting re-acquainted with my wonderful boyfriend. There is always something entirely too hectic about getting home after 4,6, or 8 weeks of work and trying to get yourself back into that somewhat normal pattern of life.

I got home late last night after spending all day in the Valdez airport waiting for the snow/fog to open up and let some flights in and out, to an immaculately clean house, new headlights installed in my truck, a newly re-finished side table, new shelving in my bedroom, AN OFFICE!!!!(apparently calling it an office for months really does bring forth some sort of magic organizational Fairies), and the most amazing christmas present ever! My boyfriend, Allen, having heard me talk about wanting to become some sort of writer, toiled for days to make me the most beautiful desk! It’s so wonderful, and entirely unique! He even made it legless so that I could slide around my new office without a hitch…So incredible!

Imagine the time and energy that went into making it shine like that!

I wish I could say that I was writing this post in the comfort of my newly tripped out house, on my shiny new desk…. Unfortunately, I am headed to Anchorage in my truck, tapping this up on a word document and hoping to copy and paste it sometime tonight before 12 am… Cross our fingers for internet!

I’m tickled pink about the new office, desk and clean house, and I am looking forward to chair shopping for a roller worthy of my stupendously legless desk! Imagine all the horrific writing that will take place at that shiny contraption; looking out over the dirty snow and haggard trees… I can feel inspiration trickling to my fingers as I write this!

Imagine all the spinning that will go on under this bad boy without those pesky legs!!

Hope you all get amazing Christmas gifts as well!! More…better…tomorrow!


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