Day 4: 5 Hand Gestures You No Longer Need

In this world people use many different mediums to express themselves. Voices, body language, even art can be used to express an opinion or an idea. I am all for being expressive, don’t get me wrong…but there are a few hands gestures which I feel are ridiculously overused and/or unnecessary.

1. “The Devil be Gone”

A forceful slapping of the forehead from one person to another, using the heel in an upward glancing blow. This motion is accompanied by the quick exclamation of “Devil be gone!”.

My brother used to do this to me anytime I annoyed him… I can tell you that it is one of the most unpleasant sensations one can feel when another persons hand touches your skin. Not only are you being smacked roughly in an uncommonly slapped area, your also being called possessed, evil, and annoying…This gesture can be made all the more irritating by a height difference which can lead to frantic unsuccessful attempts to retaliate. I don’t know where it started, and I can’t imagine how anyone would think it was a good idea. Granted, this might be due to the fact that I was always the shorter, unable to retaliate, recipient.

2. “The Peace Sign”

We all know what the peace sign looks like, and means…Come on, who hasn’t seen it in every Facebook photo accompanied by the duck-face, all foreign exchange student memory albums, and on the hands of wanna be thugs who don’t know any gang signs. It is overused to the point of aggravation, and I find myself busting one out when a camera comes a calling. It’s most likely because I am a huge baller…Ask anybody.

3. “Awkward Starfish”

The level five stage of awkward…it’s so uncomfortable someone is forced to slap their hand across your face in a five-finger spread. If you have ever been awkward starfish-ed, you know that there are many avenues of awful it can take.

  • The sweaty palmed starfish-….need I say more?
  • The upper-cut starfish- Even the slightest tilt to the hand can lead to a fractured nose, and possibly brain damage depending on the angle and force used….Believe me, if it hasn’t happened yet, it will..Tell your friends, pass the word..
  • And The runny nose starfish- You are only the victim if your hand is the starfish.

4. “Spirit Fingers”

The act of gesticulating your fingers while holding one’s hands in the air. This is often performed by those who lack the ability to dance without extreme embarrassment, but wish to participate with others already dancing.

It reminds me of cheerleaders, and if done improperly can look incredible ridiculous. Note: You look as ridiculous when performing spirit fingers correctly. People should move on and learn to do the salt and pepper shaker like adults!

5. “The Shocker”

I could go into detail about the definition, but I think instead I will just point you towards urban dictionary. Some other common names for this hand gesture are:

2 for the beav, 1 up her sleeve
2 for the meat, 1 in her seat

2 for the gish, 1 for the fish

You get the idea…so, I suppose my only question is… when can this ever be used naturally? Is there some need to mention sexualy explicit acts in polite society? I’m no prude.. but this hand gesture seems slightly forced in ALL situations…

So, there you have it.. My list of 5 unnecessary hand gestures. Enjoy!

-Breezy Vee



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2 responses to “Day 4: 5 Hand Gestures You No Longer Need

  1. Haha, I’ll put this on my list of “crap, why didn’t I think of that” posts. Very funny.

  2. GT

    #4 jazz hands right?!
    and #5 tha shocker is funny just like the pleaser, teaser, spocker, or show stopper but my fav is tha mini van! take that for a spin! haha n no i dont use any of these i am retired from all that since i no longer travel over seas, i think its manditory to do all thoes in any red light district

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