December Mock-up

It’s truly ironic that I started this blog approximately 3 months ago in an attempt to motivate myself to write everyday and I have yet to write a single post. I don’t know if I am ever going to be a great writer, or if I will ever develop this passion which so many writers speak of. A desire to write daily, a driving force which pushes them to expel their inner most feelings upon whatever surface will embrace it. I have these moments. Hell, I have these weeks…But somewhere along the line I fall short.

I have never been particularly good at any one thing…my life is threaded through and through with stories of my almost greatness. In fact I could even make the observation that the single most stunning trait I have is absolute mediocrity. Writing is not the exception. Ipso facto, I can only get better…And as everyone has heard at one point in their life practice makes perfect.

The New year is coming, and I, like many others, have diligently made a list of things which I WILL ..attempt.. to accomplish in 2012. One of my “large goals”, along with losing 30 lbs, and saving 7500 dollars, is to write a book. So, finally getting to point of these ramblings, I will, for the remaining days of December prepare myself for a writers life. My hope is that by writing daily for the rest of Dec. I will jog some semblance of routine into my otherwise chaotic life, that will instill me with the abilities needed to accomplish said New Year’s Resolution.

Day 1:

Sunflower Seeds for Summer


A cloudless sunny day

in summer. The Team watches

me walk to the plate. Blades of grass

Quivering in anticipation.


People sit on bleachers, with their

Popcorn and soda, cheering.

Sunflower seeds litter the ground, uneaten,

the heartbeat of shoes against metal.


The coach who stands silent, with a smile from ear to ear

is hoping.. He is older and wise, ball cap upon his head,

Plays for the win inside of it.

New white sneakers squeak against his shifting.


And the ball cracks against my swing. It soars

far beyond the confines of a chain link fence,

And the announcer is yelling:

“First home run of the season folks!”


A cloudless sunny day

in summer. The team watches

me walk to the plate. Blades of grass

quivering in anticipation.

-Breezy Vee




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One response to “December Mock-up

  1. Lisbet

    Brittney! Good work pushing yourself to write….good for the soul. I have to argue with you though… You are NOT mediocre ! you are driven, athletic, beautiful and hilarious. I’m sure you’re a greatness in something, even if it wasn’t the uaf volleyball team! :p looking forward to reading what you have to share. 🙂

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